Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our messy life

I try not to worry about messes. I try not to get mad when the kids do stuff that requires a clean up. This week is proving to be my week to work on those "grin and bear it" moments with my youngest and our sweet puppy (she's 5 months now). On Monday my youngest, Camden came home covered in mud. He and the neighbor boys and Holden had a mud ball fight. We had them both take a bath. The same day the dog decided to roll in mud in the yard. And about two hours after the mud bath, Camden came home from his best friend's house covered in paint. I was dumb founded that the neighbors had paint down low. But who am I to judge? The boys had a great time! The dog even wanted to take another bath (she LOVES water). I didn't stress too much. Holden cleaned the dog up after he mud roll (without being asked).

Life is short, play hard! Get messy and love it. I'm so grateful that Cliff was a pretty rambunctious boy and he doesn't get to bent out of shape by anything these boys do.

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