Monday, June 2, 2008

Family matters

Today Cliff and I had a great talk about how glad he is that I researched homeschooling 5 years ago, and research religiously still. He couldn't imagine not having so much time with the kids. Holden would still be in school this week. Both boys are so much fun to be with. Cliff and Holden have been fishing countless times the past 5 days. We've had our niece here from out of town, and she has been so much fun to get to know. If we were both gone all day and the kids at school, we would have missed out on many happy memories. Cliff marvels at all the neat questions both kids ask and all they know. He is finally seeing why I like being home with them so much. We learn by just living and finding our own little niches alone or together. Both boys are extremely social and have a circle of friends.

Today Holden bought me a neat rock for a $1 (with his money from his wallet--which he is responsible for) and gave it to me so proudly. It was such a surprise! I told him I loved the rock, but that he could keep it. He handed it back to me and said "no, mom I bought this for you." I beamed with such pride and love at his maturity and kindness. And yesterday both boys came in with flowers they had picked. One flower was for me and one was for their cousin. They were given so lovingly. I get flowers a lot from the boys. But yesterday was neat because Cliff was in the room and felt the love in the room. The frequent flower giving is something he missed over the passed year being gone, and something I don't always think to mention when we are on the phone.

Cliff and I had a mini date and saw an IMAX movie. The kids opted out. It was a fun time for us. The days are flying by. Well, I better go help Cliff with the boys. He is such a sweet daddy!

I'm so glad FAMILY really matters.

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