Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The chickens are taking over

Well, not really. But my boys sure love chickens! We have neighbors who have two hens and one rooster. It is against city code, but we don't complain. This hen wanders across the road a lot and Holden happily takes her home. First he introduced some of the neighbor kids to the hen. It was neat to see the reactions of the kids (even a teen) of all ages. Most people have never held a chicken or felt one. I have to admit I was not much of a chicken fan until Holden showed me how sweet they are. I never really knew that, although I had lived on a chicken farm as a child. I was mostly afraid they would scratch my eyes out or peck me in the eye. Not so.

Besides the chickens, it has been a really awesome week, except the terrible cold I had. Thankfully I am finally over it. We've had a lot of family time lately. Cliff's shoulder surgery is moved to next week and in a few days we are supposed to have a special guest for a week--Cliff's niece.

We do a lot more than schooly stuff, but here are a few academic items: I bought some Scooby-Doo chapter books at a garage sale and we have been having fun reading those. Throughout the day we randomly talk about numbers, letters, and words. We have been adding to our collection of letter magnets on the frig over the past week, and that is a lot of fun. We have some number magnets as well that we play with. I love word magnets and found a great deal on eBay for a "lot" and they will be here this week. One set is an alien, glow in the dark set with 350 words. We are stoked! The words are really interesting. Can't wait to see the cool sentences we will come up with. (I have been meaning to buy word magnets and was reminded by reading a friend's blog. Her kids are having a blast with them too.)

Outdoor adventures: We went on a nearby bike trail today. I was surprised at how well Camden did for 3.5 years. He went a good 3 miles. It was awesome! I saw a Baltimore Oriole and we had a great time on the beautiful tree line trail in the country (even when we were passed by a gaggle of old men on bikes). I had almost forgotten how much I missed riding my bike daily. Cliff has plans to build a bike from scratch with a frame a friend of his is giving him. That will be sweet! Today we shared my bike. LOL. He walked a bit, then I walked a bit. We are quite a team.

Later we rented movies and laughed our butts off (then cuddled during a scary movie). Then the boys played with friends until dark. Cliff and I made homemade pizzas and watched some T.V. When the boys came in they were starved and finished what Cliff and I didn't. It was a very good day.

Love to all...

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