Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tearing down the walls

These are photos of our basement. The carpet was beyond disgusting so it got ripped out this week. See the tiled floor with carpet glue all over it? Nice! The room with no sheetrock on the 2x4s is being taken out because there's a big window in this little room. This room makes the basement seem very small and the wall looks terrible. It gives the basement a very closed off feeling too when you walk down the stairs. We have been wanting to re-do the basement for awhile but having young children made it easy to put off. Now that we have gotten started it is not as daunting as I thought it would be. Plus this room was filled with storage boxes for over a few years that didn't belong to us. That made it impossible to consider tearing out this room until they were moved. Thankfully the friends that had their stuff stored in our basement are not the type of people to leave it there forever. LOL. The kids love watching us work. This will be a learning experience for us!! We'll be putting up sheetrock and laying carpet in the basement. Fun times! All of this is being done to make our house look more appealing when we put our house up for sale in a few months or less, if we're lucky!


Zamozo said...

I like how Holden is peaking around the chair back in the photo of your Living Room. Your basement ought to fix up nicely with that wood-burning stove and hearth down there. It'll be cozy! Your excitement is contagious!

The Brown Family said...

That is cute. At the time I took the photo I didn't know he was going to peak around. If you look at those photos there are orbs by the chair. Orbs are supposed to be spirits. There isn't anything on those chairs if you look at them in person. Holden used to see spirits and angels all the time up until this past year. Now Camden does. Camden sees dogs and other spirits. It's really interesting.

I think the basement will turn out really well. If I'd have taken a photo of the carpet, I would have been too mortified to post it! Even the ugly tile looks better. The ceramic tile by the woodburner is still in good shape so that will stay. It needs to be cleaned though.

I can't wait to post after photos of the basement. I feel like it will take months to get all this done. Patience is a virtue.