Saturday, September 23, 2006

The surprise gift

Every so often Holden has asks me to give him the tape so he can wrap a present for me. This is totally out of the blue and I never suggest I want a present or need one.

Today after we get home from the Native American Celebration he asks me for the tape. He doesn't tell me why. And out of curiosity I ask and he tells me he is going to wrap me a present. Sometimes he uses tape to hang some art work he created or other projects.

A few minutes later he hands me the tape and my present which is in half a plastic easter egg covered with part of a paper napkin and sealed with tape. I smile and he gives me a big, proud grin and shows me where to pull the tape off the top. I open it and he has packed it with flower petals from our wild flowers in our backyard.

I'm so glad I took the time to get out of here today to enjoy Holden and Camden. We needed that time to reconnect. I get so distracted at home. I feel like his present was his way of saying "thanks for making me feel important and loved." I'm not sure really, but it makes me want to be sure to always find time for my kids. It does matter to them!

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